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OVH World Tour Toronto: The digital innovation event

Press Release

The program: keynote, technical workshops, sharing of experiences and networking for a dive into the heart of the OVH galaxy and its advanced technologies for cloud and dedicated infrastructures. An event not to be missed that will show how, in the context of the digital transformation, OVH innovation brings new opportunities and solutions to professionals. 3 themes will be featured and illustrated by three technologies "made in OVH":

1/ How to build your virtual datacenter using vRack , a technology that allows to connect all its infrastructure in a fully redundant private network.
2/ How to move from dedicated server to the Cloud with RunAbove , a unique service on the market, a result of years of research and close collaboration with leaders in virtualization.
3/ Confronting the challenges of Internet of Things (IoT) through OVH Cloud solutions. Here are some reasons why this event is not to be missed :



  • Imagine the future of “Digital as a Service”. Disruptive, pioneer, under constant innovation, OVH invents the technologies of tomorrow. Be at the forefront to discover first hand.

  • Discover OVH. This is the ideal opportunity to examine the DNA, philosophy, and ambitions of the European leader of Digital as a Service. The keynote will provide a rare glimpse into the OVH galaxy, its 17 datacenters, its 200,000 servers and its independent network of 32 PoPs with a capacity of 3.5 Tbps. This is also the occasion to discover the offers and services that all customer's needs.

  • Rediscover OVH. This is the occasion for clients to meet OVH experts in a convivial atmosphere, receive free analysis of their infrastructure and discover how to strengthen and adapt it to their new projects.

  • Test the latest OVH products (dedicated cloud, hybrid, VPS, dedicated server, storage and more), at no cost to you, using vouchers which will be handed out all evening.

  • Share feedback. Constantly changing and listening to its customers, OVH adjusts its services to offer the best cloud and dedicated infrastructure.

FInd the complete list of the 10 reasons to attend the OVH World Tour.

An international event dedicated to innovation, last year the OVH World Tour brought together during its first edition, more than 4,000 people over its 20 scheduled dates in Europe and North America. This year, it promises to reshuffle the cards through the unique vision of OVH, cloud specialist and European leader in internet infrastructure.
After a thunderous start in Europe, where it gathered together more than 400 people in Lille (France), the OVH World Tour kicks off its new North American season. It has a revamped format ("meet-up"), richer, more compact, and more interactive, it will be stopping in Toronto on April 23.

Centered around OVH experts from each of its areas of excellence, this half-day aims to bring together a community of users that continues to grow in North America, delivering "on site" advice and solutions to optimize their infrastructure and to provide specialized expertise on issues differentiating the cloud and dedicated universes. After Toronto, the OVH World Tour will stop in New York (May 14), Boston (August 17), then Ottawa, Washington, Montreal an Quebec city by the end of the year.

Learn more about the World Tour and click here to register.