Press Release

OVHcloud and Megaport team up to support enterprise-grade hybrid and multicloud strategies

Press Release

The adoption of multi-vendor and hybrid cloud technologies (combining private, public and/or on-premise cloud environments) continues to be a hot topic in IT news. OVHcloud is enhancing access to these technologies by unveiling OVHcloud Connect Provider, a solution developed in partnership with Megaport, that allows customers to securely connect between their cloud service providers and OVHcloud data centres.

This offering is in addition to the OVHcloud Connect Direct solution, the most secure way to build a decentralized hybrid cloud, via direct and private connections between OVHcloud's data centres and the customer's on-premise infrastructure.

Multicloud access reinforced by a strong partnership

With this announcement, OVHcloud strengthens its global presence in partnership with Megaport, a world leader in cloud connectivity services. OVHcloud customers will now be able to rely on the global coverage of more than 700 enabled locations to interconnect their services with the providers of their choice.

OVHcloud is also increasing its access into more Megaport points of presence. This is an opportunity for enterprises around the world to combine their existing infrastructure with an open, reversible, and interoperable cloud.

“The integration with OVHcloud Connect will allow enterprises to connect directly and privately to OVHcloud in real time from Megaport's 700+ enabled data centres worldwide. Megaport's NaaS platform will provide secure and scalable connections, enabling enterprises to deploy multicloud, hybrid cloud or cloud-to-cloud architectures in minutes. We’re excited to strengthen our partnership with OVHcloud to bring their powerful cloud solutions to more businesses around the world.”, says Eric Troyer, Chief Marketing Officer at Megaport.

Granting more flexibility for companies

Several options are available to customers wishing to interconnect their services with OVHcloud Connect, between the number of private links and the traffic capacity for each (from 200 Mbps to 10 Gbps). The traffic offered on the OVHcloud network is included in the displayed rates, making the costs transparent and predictable for the customer.

"While hybridization and multicloud are key elements of enterprise cloud strategies, their deployment and use are still not accessible to all. With OVHcloud Connect, we want to bring the simplest and most secure network solutions to our customers, based on a robust collaboration with Megaport. By combining the OVHcloud Connect solution and the virtual private network available to all our customers (vRACK), we can guarantee them a private and totally secure connection to all OVHcloud services.”, says Estelle Azemard, VP Americas at OVHcloud

The OVHcloud Connect solution allows users to connect to OVHcloud infrastructures in a completely private way, and from anywhere in the world. First launched in Europe, this solution is now available in Canada, and in Singapore for the APAC region.

To celebrate the expansion of the OVHcloud Connect portfolio in North America, join Jon Druker (Product Marketing Manager, OVHcloud) and Paul McGuinness (Head of Solutions, Europe, Megaport) for an exclusive onboarding session on July 13: Register here.