Press Release

IDC MarketScape names OVH a Leader in Datacentre Operations and Management in Canada

Press Release

The report (doc #CA40622416, September 2016) assesses the 18 leading providers of technological services in Canada and highlights the specific characteristics of OVH's business model, as well as its distinct approach to datacentre design and management giving the company a particularly competitive edge and great business agility.

Located in Beauharnois on Montreal's south shore, the OVH Canadian datacentre can host close to 400,000 servers. Since its acquisition by OVH back in 2012, the site - an old Rio Tinto Alcan aluminum plant - has been completely reconfigured to meet the highest security and energy efficiency standards. With its ISO/IEC27001 certification, its SOC 1 and 2 Type II compliances for the Private Cloud service offer, and by meeting Tier IV requirements, OVH has reached a PUE rating of 1.08, making its Canadian datacentre one of the most environmentally efficient in the world. This indicator supports OVH's efforts to effectively eliminate air conditioning from its datacentres and cut its energy bill in half by combining optimal air flow management inside the b2uilding with an exclusive water cooling system for its servers, which are assembled in-house.

This approach is unique on the market and one of the keys to success for OVH in Canada. The company's expansion is accelerating and partnerships are rapidly growing: the most recent one was launched with telecommunications company Rogers whose new cloud services rely on OVH's Public Cloud technology. In Quebec, now a big part of OVH's history as its very first location in North America, HOVH has also built close relationships with Fibrenoire, LinkbyNet and Cologix. The company is still investing in the province - with a commitment totalling 33 million dollars since 2015, notably for the development of an R&D office in Quebec City - and is now taking things to the next level by opening an office in Toronto.

Moreover, the company's North American expansion is about to reach beyond Canadian borders: 47 million dollars will be allocated to the launch by the end of the year of a new office and its first American datacentre, both set in Virginia.