The new French ambassador to Canada visits the OVHcloud data center in Beauharnois

Trusted Cloud

Less than a week after taking office, the new French ambassador to Canada, Michel Miraillet, took advantage of his first trip to the Montreal area to visit our Beauharnois data center. The first OVHcloud facility to open outside of Europe, BHS is now one of the most eco-friendly data centers in the industry, hosting the data of Canadians in a fully trusted environment.

This visit was an opportunity for OVHcloud to put into perspective its vertically integrated model, allowing to keep control of the entire value chain as well as its environmental commitments (carbon neutrality by 2030, 100% low-carbon energy sources by 2025). The ambassador, accompanied by his team and Mrs. Sophie Lagoutte, Consul General of France in Montreal, visited the hosting rooms and one of the group's two production centers (along with the Croix plant in France), which can assemble nearly 1,000 servers per week and has delivered the 90,000 servers currently in service at the site.

Beyond putting the spotlight on a historical landmark which celebrated its 10 year anniversary and contributed to the development of the cloud sector in the region of Beauharnois, OVHcloud reaffirmed its growth ambition in Canada, with the extension of its Quebec site and the opening of a first data center in Toronto (Ontario) during 2023.

This visit was also a reminder for the collective ambition shared in Europe as well as in Canada, to see the emergence of a more responsible and sustainable cloud model. Whether in data protection or energy management, Canada and France often share similar views, focusing on innovation and avoiding extraterritorial legislative frameworks. Driven by its industrial and technological leadership, OVHcloud promises to play an active role building a trusted cloud ecosystem.

Visite à BHS de l'ambassadeur de France au Canada