OpenStack Summit Berlin 2018


Der OpenStack Summit, das Gipfeltreffen der globalen OpenStack Community, findet vom 13.-15. November 2018 erstmals in Berlin statt. Als einer der führenden internationalen Hyperscale Cloud Anbieter ist OVH mit seinen DevOps-Experten mittendrin statt nur dabei: in Vorträgen und an seinem Stand im Ausstellerbereich bietet OVH aus erster Hand Einblicke in den Praxiseinsatz von OpenStack im Bereich großer Public-Cloud-Infrastrukturen. Dabei zeigt OVH insbesondere auf, wie sich durch einen konsequenten Automatisierungsansatz Effizienzgewinne erzielen lassen. Die OVH DevOps-Experten Szymon Datko, Piotr Bielak, Julien Cosmao und Arnaud Morin freuen sich auf den persönlichen Austausch mit Ihnen! Darüber hinaus besteht die Möglichkeit direkt mit Alain Fiocco, CTO von OVH, über die neuesten Trends und Entwicklungen bei OVH zu sprechen. Kommen Sie am Stand A27 beim OpenStack Summit in Berlin vorbei, tauschen Sie sich mit unseren Experten aus und besuchen Sie die spannenden OVH Vorträge: Tue 13, 10:25am - 10:35am CityCube Berlin - Level 1 - Hall A4-6 OVH Public Cloud: how Open infrastructure powers innovation Keynotes OVH is a very large infrastructure provider running on OpenStack. In this dialog with Alain Fiocco, OVH's CTO, we'll learn what makes OVH different, how open infrastructure helps OVH innovate, and what the daily life of a large scale operator looks like. Speakers Alain Fiocco OVH Chief Technology Officer, EVP Product BU Thierry Carrez OpenStack Foundation, Vice President of Engineering

Tue 13, 2:30pm - 3:10pm Hall 7 - Level 2 - 7.2b / Budapest From messy XML to wonderful YAML and pretty job DSL - an in-Jenkins migration story CI/CD Presentation Out of the box Jenkins supports only the XML-based configuration files. This makes it difficult not only to introduce changes, but also to review and test them properly. After relying for a long time on the manual Jenkins configuration, we decided to improve our setup and introduce proper workflow for automated deployment/recovery after an outage and testing for any new change in Jenkins configuration. We selected recent Configuration-as-a-Code plugin, Job DSL with Pipelines mechanism to achieve the goal. Speakers Szymon Datko OVH Group, DevOps Piotr Bielak OVH Group, DevOps Difficulty Level: Intermediate Tags: Technical,  Jenkins

Thu 15, 5:10pm - 5:50pm Hall 7 - Level 2 - 7.2a / Helsinki 2 Field report: Devops observing important instance live migration flow Public Cloud How to live migrate 240K instances in a public cloud ? What do you think about live-migrating 240k instances to upgrade your compute node kernels and the end-user should not notice any change ? Recently, we started upgrade of our OpenStack from Juno to Newton release. We needed to have a flawless live migration process. From a single instance to a Ceph based instance with a configuration drive and multiple additional volumes attached, all cases had to work without issues. For that, many patches have been cherry-picked and back-ported down to a Frankenstein Nova Juno code. We also wrote tools to industrialize the rolling upgrade on thousand of compute nodes across multiple regions along with checking migration status, bandwidth usage and other related metrics. Speakers Julien Cosmao OVH Group   Arnaud Morin OVH Group   Difficulty Level: Advanced Tags: Arch / Ops,  Technical,  OpenStack,  Nova,  KVM