OVHcloud Connect evolves to support hybrid and multi-cloud strategies

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OVHcloud today announced its new private, secure connection solutions to support enterprise multi-cloud and hybrid cloud projects.

OVHcloud Connect solutions are built on the expertise of the European leader in cloud networks and a strong partnership with connectivity leaders Equinix and Megaport.

The adoption of multi-cloud strategies (combining multiple providers) and hybrid cloud strategies (combining private, public and/or on-premise cloud environments) continues to be a topic for debate among IT leaders. As well as the specific advantages of each approach, businesses need to maximise their continuity of operations and have greater freedom of choice as they coordinate a suite of bespoke services.

OVHcloud is facilitating access to these technologies by unveiling two new solutions:

  • OVHcloud Connect Provider, a solution developed in partnership with Equinix and Megaport. OVHcloud Connect Provider simplifies the implementation of multi-cloud and hybrid architectures by interconnecting the various enterprise cloud environments with OVHcloud data centres around the world.
  • OVHcloud Connect Direct, offering the most secure way to build a decentralised hybrid cloud via direct, private connections between OVHcloud data centres and each client’s on-premise information system.

Reinforced multi-cloud access through strong partnerships

By partnering with Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company, and Megaport, a world leader in cloud connectivity services, clients using OVHcloud solutions will now benefit from global coverage. This includes over 700 points of presence (PoPs) for interconnecting their services with their chosen providers.

These new solutions provide an opportunity for businesses around the world to combine their existing infrastructure with an open, reversible and interoperable cloud.

“We are very pleased to further develop our partnership with OVHcloud and to continue to support this European cloud leader’s growth over the last 10 years. The availability of OVHcloud Connect on Platform Equinix® will help accelerate the adoption of OVHcloud by enterprises that use the cloud for increasingly mission-critical applications. This direct interconnection facilitates the implementation of innovative and high-performance hybrid and multi-cloud architectures,  with  the flexibility to create connections to OVHcloud anywhere in the world in a few minutes.” says Nicolas Roger, Director, Global Solutions Architects at Equinix.

“Our integration with OVHcloud Connect makes it easy for businesses to bypass the internet and privately connect to OVHcloud in real-time from more than 700 Megaport enabled data centres globally. Megaport’s point-and-click portal enables customers to provision secure, scalable connections that empower multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and cloud-to-cloud architectures in minutes. We are excited to partner with OVHcloud to bring their powerful cloud solutions to more enterprises in more locations around the world,” said Matt Simpson, Vice President of Cloud Product at Megaport.

More choice for businesses

Clients seeking to interconnect their services with OVHcloud Connect are able to select the number of private connections and traffic capacity of each individual link (from 200 Mbps to 10 Gbps). Traffic on the OVHcloud network is included in the stated fees, making costs transparent and predictable for each client.

“Hybridisation and multi-cloud have become a basic part of enterprise cloud strategies today, but rolling them out and using them can still be difficult for companies. With OVHcloud Connect, we bring a set of secure, no-nonsense network solutions to our clients, leveraging a solid collaboration with our partners Equinix and Megaport. By combining OVHcloud Connect solutions and the vRACK virtual private network made available to all our clients, we ensure they benefit from a private and fully secure connection to all OVHcloud services,” says Alain Fiocco, Chief Technology Officer for the OVHcloud group.

OVHcloud Connect solutions provide a fully private connection to OVHcloud’s infrastructure in Europe from anywhere in the world. These solutions will soon be available in Canada, Australia, Singapore and the United States.