Our history

Our adventure so far

Since starting up in 1999, we have been on an exciting adventure to lead in the world of open, trusted cloud computing.

Today: Lead in open cloud

OVHcloud is the leading European cloud provider with a global presence – serving customers around the world.


2015-2020: Expand internationally; keep scaling

In 2016, in order to meet the growing global demand for cloud infrastructure, OVH finalized a partnership with two leading global investment firms. KKR and TowerBrook Capital Partners acquired a minority stake in OVH for €250 million, with the Klaba family retaining its majority stake in the company and continuing, together with the management team, to lead OVH, its strategy and operations. New data centers were opened across the world, including two data centers in the US, at Vint Hill and Hillsboro, and two offices, in Reston and Dallas. Vcloud Air wasa acquired from VMware. The company expanded to Singapore and Australia in 2017 and India in 2018. In 2019, OVH becomes OVHcloud, affirming its leading position in the cloud market, and structuring its offer around four cloud categories to meet its customers' various needs and support their growth.

2010-2015: Diversify and scale

From 2010, OVHcloud entered into the world of cloud with a disruptive, high-performance offer - the Hosted Private Cloud. A Public Cloud offer followed. One year later, OVH was Europe's No.1 web hoster, with a VMware award for its Hosted Private Cloud. In 2012, the company opened offices and a datacenter in North America.


2004-2009: expand across Europe

In 2004, OVH opened its first subsidiaries in Poland and Spain. Soon after, the company acquired a dilapidated industrial site in Roubaix, in the north of France, to host the its head office and first data centers. Octave's father Henryk, his mother Halina and his brother Miroslaw joined the company. The business continued to grow rapidly, systematically reinvesting profits to expand the business and stay independent. To meet the needs of more and more international customers, new offices opened in Germany, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland. The company was helping a growing community and a growing customer base. OVH deployed its own fiber-optic network to further strengthen its distinctive offer. 


1999-2004: start up; grow fast

In 1999, Octave, then a student in France (at ICAM, in Lille), founded OVH to meet the community need for Internet hosting. Octave's family had emigrated from Poland to France after the fall of the Berlin wall. Innovative from the outset, OVH grew fast. The company introduced an innovative water-cooling system which provided commercial benefits and also reduced energy consumption in data centers.

Our mission

We're on a mission to be the trusted cloud provider enabling our customers to create and do business freely. To this end, we are championing a human, open, sustainable cloud. A cloud that is fair and responsible. So we can put innovation to work for the empowerment of everyone.