Our purpose

We are dedicated to building an open, trusted sustainable cloud – for companies big and small around the world

The digital world around us is changing at an exponential rate. It is shaping and reimagining how people, businesses, governments and communities live, work and connect.

At OVHcloud, we believe this digital shift presents a tremendous opportunity for technologists and entrepreneurs to build a new open, trusted sustainable cloud. By operating with open standards and encouraging the wisdom of our vibrant ecosystem, we produce a stronger outcome so that our customers can get much more out of cloud technology.

Our OVHcloud brand is not static – it will always evolve as we continue to change and grow to meet the needs of our customers and fulfil the potential in our purpose.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower people with the freedom to achieve their ambitions. Through our commitment to create an open, trusted, sustainable cloud, we provide the freedom to build and the opportunity to make the most of the data revolution.

Our way

We are committed to growing our business together in the right way. To this end, we have a set of beliefs shared by our tight-knit community of entrepreneurs, developers, and businesses:

  • We believe in putting trust and freedom at the heart of cloud solutions
  • We believe in open standards and being part of an ecosystem
  • We believe in freedom to build
  • We are multi-local all over the world, to stay close to everyone and adapt to their needs.
  • We are committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility