Our cloud universes

We offer four core cloud services

To meet the different needs of each of our customers we provide tailored solutions, drawing on our four core cloud categories: Bare Metal Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Web Hosting & Domains.

We put our customers at the center of what we do – building our solutions around them.


Bare Metal Cloud

Bare Metal Cloud offers high performance and high scalability with the best price/quality ratio in just a few minutes, for development, production and backup. Highly reliable, customizable and scalable, Bare Metal Cloud provides customers with instant provisioning and fully automated access to dedicated servers on which the customer operates and manages all software layers, including the operating system.  Bare Metal Cloud services provide security, performance, customization and cost effectiveness, and are typically used for data intensive operations such as media encoding (like 3D animation), media streaming, gaming and high-frequency trading, as well as high-security operations such as corporate enterprise resource planning applications, and operations in highly regulated sectors.

For those who are looking for a powerful tool that gives them full control over their setup, including full root access, OVHcloud developed Eco Servers: an unbeatable price/performance ratio on the market

Hosted Private Cloud

Hosted Private Cloud helps IT decision-makers secure their hybrid projects for migrating to the cloud, by providing a reliable, reversible, predictive and multi-local cloud. We are a technological leader in Hosted Private Cloud. Hosted Private Cloud solutions are software defined data center services delivered in a fully dedicated environment. We have two main Hosted Private Cloud offerings: Essential, an entry-level package for small and medium enterprises, and Premier, a high-end package that includes a broader range of services, 24/7 support and tailored security certifications attesting to our protection of sensitive information such as healthcare and financial data.

Public cloud

Public Cloud provides pay-as-you go computing services on shared servers, based on open source standards (OpenStack, Kubernetes) to ensure portability and hybridity. Public Cloud services provide scalability and continuity. They are typically used for processing applications with significant demand bursts and peak loads, such as e-commerce and applications with very large requirements (e.g. mass-consumption video and music streaming), as well as non-critical workloads such as testing and application development. Customers can choose basic packages of compute, storage and network capabilities, as well as high-level services such as container orchestration, data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, management interfaces and project management.

Web Hosting & Domains

Web Hosting & Domains provides accessible web cloud services to help individuals and companies start and empower their digital journey. With the support of our ecosystem through our marketplace or our partners, we enable businesses, developers and partners to become prosperous in a digital world.