Supply Chain

Building sustainability into our supply chain

We have applied circular economy principles to our supply chain since earliest days of OVHcloud.
By design, we have been able to provide less energy-consuming solutions, as well as recycling products and giving second and third life to our main components. It is part of what makes us different.
Our servers are designed to be fully removable, with dedicated components chosen specifically for easy reuse, recycle and repair. They are build & manufactured in our two factories in Canada and in France.
Our data centers, mainly rehabilitated buildings, are meant to have increased lifespan. They carry our own infrastructure, designed within our manufacturing facilities, allowing us to go even further with monitoring and reparability of our solutions.

The strength of OVHcloud lies in the plurality of its expertise. OVHcloud controls its production chain from the cutting of the sheet metal used to manufacture the server racks to the delivery of the connected server to our customers.
Having control over all the elements of the production chain naturally allows us to choose and control all our equipment and its smallest components while making considerable economies of scale. But having such control also, and above all, gives us great agility. When a customer wants their server to be more powerful, to have more memory or computing capacity, it is possible to improve it in real time. Our datacenter technicians can in fact intervene directly on the server. There is no need to wait for a service provider to add this intervention to his schedule. That's one of the great things about OVHcloud: we know how to be extremely responsive.

Our integrated model allows us to develop a reverse supply chain :


We create our owns servers from selected components


We maintain our infrastructures (servers and datacenters) to always meet our customers needs. Our data center upgrade loop allows us to extend the lives of the servers, as well as infrastructures (power, cooling, network).


We reallocate servers from one datacenter to another, to meet the needs of our customers, rather than producing the same new servers.


Each component is tested in our factories to determine its best possible reuse. Our R&D team always innovate for new generations of industrial solutions (cooling, infrastructure, building construction).


We manage to expand the lifespan of our infrastructures, servers and components by reusing them. We adopt the same philosophy when it comes to building construction for our datacenters. 
We also develop a broker network to offer a second life to extra components


All components out of order are sent to certificated partners to create new sources of raw materials.

Sustainable purchasing

The purchasing function therefore has an essential role to play. Our purchasers are there to enable the supply of the company's needs under the best conditions. We do not evaluate in a narrow confine; our activities have impact on society and more specifically on the local economic network and the environment.

OVHcloud favors a collaborative relationship with its suppliers rather than a simple negotiation relationship. The idea being that together, we go further. Since OVHcloud produces its own servers, data centers and network, this collaborative relationship allows us to implement continuous improvement daily with our suppliers.

As a major actor in its field, it is important for OVHcloud to conduct its business responsibly. In addition to our Code of Ethics, OVHcloud requires its suppliers to sign a Supplier Code of Conduct that commits them to a responsible and comprehensive approach to compliance issues. Compliance with ethical, social and environmental rules and principles is an integral part of OVHcloud's development and the conduct of its business and commercial activities. OVHcloud adheres to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the conventions of the International Labour Organization.

But it is also important for OVHcloud that the various stakeholders with whom it interacts, and in particular its suppliers, adopt a similar approach by respecting on the one hand the various laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate, but also by complying with a certain number of fundamental rules and principles listed in OVHcloud's Partner Code of Conduct.


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Supplier code of conduct