[Inside OVHcloud] To reward its commitment to wellbeing at work, OVHcloud received the “Wellbeing Leader Certificate” from the Polish Wellbeing Institute


OVHcloud received from the Wellbeing Institute the “Wellbeing Leader Certificate” to reward its workplace where employees feel fulfilled and satisfied, and because its organisational culture is based on the idea of Wellbeing. OVHcloud is a company where we achieve business goals by putting people at the centre.

The Wellbeing Institute is a Polish organization, established to support organisations in their employee wellbeing activities and thus improve the quality of people's lives. The Wellbeing Institute considers six areas when certifying organisations: health awareness, relationships, workplace, organisational culture, as well as systems and processes. Before rewarding OVHcloud, they set up an audit which verified 23 standards in 6 wellbeing areas and confirmed, among other things, that the company supports employees in maintaining a balance between their personal lives and professional challenges.

OVHcloud already got an award last year by coming first place in the ranking on the “Best of Wellbeing 2020 competition”, as the Most Wellbeing Organisation 2020. This year, we took a step forward and joined the Wellbeing Leader Federation. Coordinated by our Human Relations team, OVHcloud has conducted an audit to always improve ourselves and achieve positive changes.

We are very proud to have been awarded this prize by the Wellbeing Institute. Indeed, our teams work every day to offer solutions that guarantee a healthy, stimulating and fulfilling work environment. People are and will remain the cornerstone of our DNA.