[Our Innovations] The Database-as-a-service portfolio can now be deployed automatically using the OVHcloud Terraform provider

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OVHcloud announced on its Twitch channel that automated deployment is now available for the whole public cloud Managed Databases portfolio. All 12 engines and tools (ie PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Kafka, Kafka Connect, Kafka MirrorMaker, Redis, Grafana, Cassandra, OpenSearch, M3 and M3 Aggregator), can now be created or deleted using OVHcloud's Terraform Provider.

DBaaS automated deployment drastically simplifies developers' daily lives. OVHcloud aims to offer a wide range of database management systems that suit a variety of uses, from legacy applications to AI applications, web applications, and e-commerce websites.

Check out the latest updates and release notes:

Watch the OVHcloud’s DBaaS latest releases on Twitch (in French):