[We Commit] Across the tech ecosystem, OVHcloud speaks up to demonstrate its commitment towards a sustainable cloud


Sustainability is a key topic for OVHcloud. From our earliest days, we have been committed to reduce our environmental footprint. As an involved player, OVHcloud has participated in several Sustainability events during this month of November:

  • On November 4, and OVHcloud represented by Tristan Vuillier, our Sustainability Program Manager, took part in the round table "Datacenters: from hardware to end user, environmental impacts of a hosted service", part of Davidson Consulting’s Digital Impact Week. 3 conferences took place, with Frederic Bordage ( and Davidson consulting teams.


  • David Devine, Partner Program Manager and Tristan Vuillier attended the "Open Technology for Sustainability Day", the OpenUK event during the COP26 in Glasgow. The goal was to share insights related to open technology as a lever for sustainability. To promote a more sustainable world, the participants were engaged in critical discussions on open values and open technology and the societal values it brings. Among the speakers, we count United Nations, Red Hat, Creative commons, OpenUK, Center for Net Zero and SDIA. We all raised the point that in the future, to be successful in the fight against climate change, data will definitively be an enabler. More importantly, we know that open data, and the way we can share and collaborate in “coopetition” mode (cooperation + competition) will be a key lever of success.


  • On November 16, "Digital Responsible" Event was organised by mc2i. Tristan Vuillier spoke up alongside Marie Joron (Natixis), Vincent Courboulay (Institut du Numérique Responsable) and Virginie Royer (Planet Tech’Care), in a round table hosted Nosing Doeuk (mc2i). 600 participants attended, online and remotely.


In addition to these external events, sustainability topics were highly represented in our own annual event, Ecosystem Experience, with two main subjects :

-          Environmental stakes of the cloud: threats and opportunities

-          Discover How OVHcloud Sustainability Contributes Net Positive Value​


All these events, both internal and external, aim to explain and highlight the environmental impact of digital technology. For our company it means focusing on the environmental footprint of data centers, and infrastructures but also customer expectations, resources and impacts related to water.