[Trusted Cloud Digest] The European cloud highlighted in a report on the “topic of strategic independence for the European Union”

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OVHcloud welcomes the publication of the report on the “topic of strategic independence for the European Union” by Maud Gatel (MoDem - Paris) and Didier Quentin (Les Républicains - Charente-Maritime), rightly placing the cloud at the heart of the challenges of European strategic autonomy.

The report discusses the difficulty of action at European level with member states divided on the issue of autonomy and strategic independence as well as the growing technological dependence of the European Union.

It identifies digital technology as a sector that determines the European Union’s ability to act autonomously. It explains that to make the European Union an autonomous digital power, we need to develop a European cloud solution:

  • that is based on Gaia-X, provided that the project has governance in line with its initial ambitions;
  • whose cybersecurity certification incorporates the principle that the cloud provider should not be subject to extraterritorial laws.


Other actions need to be implemented at European level: Develop an industrial policy by launching new important projects of common European interest (IPCEI) in the cloud; regulate digital technology and reform competition law; promote interoperability and transparency of digital services; intensify research efforts; fight against the shortage of semiconductors; reform public order; more training on topics related to digital…

This report on the “topic of strategic independence for the European Union” comes at a time when the European Union and each member state must take ambitious positions in order to develop alternative, sovereign, open and reliable European cloud solutions. These recommendations will be taken into account in public debates in 2022, a politically decisive year for France, both at European level (Presidency of the Council of the European Union since January 1) and at national level (presidential and legislative elections in spring).

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