[Growing Together] OVHcloud receives the label HappyIndex®Trainees & HappyIndex®Trainees Alternance 2021-2022




We are proud to have been awarded, for the 2nd consecutive year, HappyIndex®Trainees & HappyIndex®Trainees Alternance 2022 by ChooseMyCompany, a label that rewards companies that take care of their interns and apprentices.

To earn the “Happy Trainees” label, each trainee or apprentice can complete a questionnaire to calculate the company’s recommendation rate, the quality of their internship, and the quality of their global experience. Obtaining this label is a true recognition of OVHcloud's commitment on the welcoming, work environment, missions and training we offer to our interns and apprentices.

At OVHcloud, people are at the heart of DNA, as our Chief Human Resources Officer, Line Cadel, explains:

At OVHcloud, everyone has a chance and everyone contributes to success. Success is individual and collective, it is based on trust, teamwork, and achievement of all. We are proud to be able to support students who trust us in their training and professional development. #OneTeam »

We are therefore very proud to have been awarded, for the 2nd consecutive year, by ChooseMyCompany. We want to thank all of our interns and apprentices for their trust and involvement, and to all of our employees for their support!

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