[We Partner] OVHcloud partners with SpeechBrain and Mila to accelerate research in neural speech processing


OVHcloud is proud to announce the signing of a partnership with SpeechBrain, a technology specialized in neural speech processing, and Mila, a prestigious research institute in artificial intelligence founded in Montreal in 1993. Committed to bringing the power of AI to everyone through open and reversible technologies, OVHcloud also supports the most demanding projects and will provide this year GPU infrastructure to help researchers continue their work on speech processing. 

Hosted at Mila, SpeechBrain is defined as an easy-to-use, all-in-one, open-source toolkit designed to facilitate research and development of neural speech processing technologies. By natively supporting several general-purpose speech tasks (speech recognition, spoken language understanding, speech enhancement, and many others), SpeechBrain provides a comprehensive and flexible platform for the research community, which will now be able to rely on additional cloud resources to accelerate their work.

" We are very excited to start a collaboration with OVH cloud. The SpeechBrain team can greatly benefit from the available computational resources that will significantly help us expand our open-source toolkit", said Mirco Ravanelli, creator of SpeechBrain.

"As an infrastructure leader, OVHcloud knows the complexity of properly scaling infrastructure to absorb the intensive workloads typically encountered in machine learning projects. Our AI services with on-demand deployable GPUs will provide SpeechBrain with the performance and reliability they deserve to pursue projects of public interest," added Alexis Gendronneau, Director of Data & AI Products

Mila, a non-profit organization, is internationally recognized for its significant contributions to machine learning, especially in the areas of language modelling, machine translation, object recognition and generative models.

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