[They Trust Us] OVHcloud wins the 2022 Superuser Awards from the Open Infra community

Trusted Cloud

On June 7, OVHcloud won the Superuser Awards 2022, a nomination by the Open Infrastructure community that recognizes organizations that have particularly distinguished themselves by their implementation of Open Infrastructure technologies and their contribution to the OpenInfra community.

OVHcloud was an early adopter of OpenStack on a large scale, adopting the technology for its Public Cloud offering. Working with the community has allowed a high rate of deployment of new features while sharing the same values on transparency, reversibility and sovereignty. OVHcloud is very proud to be rewarded during this edition of the Superuser Awards.

The OVHcloud team has been actively involved in the OpenInfra community since 2012, notably by participating in community events (meetups, summits, OpenStack Days, OpenInfra Live, etc.) and by contributing to the software development of free modules and tools. OVHcloud is also one of the cloud providers for OpenStack CI/CD since 2015.

OVHcloud currently runs more than 400,000 instances with 900,000 OpenStack cores and processes more than 6 million API (application programming interface) requests every hour.

Gilles Closset, director of strategic technology alliances at OVHcloud, explains how Open Infrastructure aligns with one of the company's core values: freedom.

With a strong foundation based on the open infrastructure ecosystem, OVHcloud aims to federate all players that believe in an open system where anyone stays in control of their data – to manage in an open, trustful, reversible and transparent way.

This is why we are very proud to have received this award today, in recognition of the work accomplished by our teams since 2012."