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Very Tech Trip: OVHcloud gathers thousands of technology experts to celebrate a wide range of cloud solutions

Press Release

Paris – February 2nd 2023 – OVHcloud, the European cloud leader, today holds its first ever tech convention, Very Tech Trip. Taking place at the iconic La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie convention center in Paris, the event is fully dedicated to the company's core community: the tech enthusiasts, the developers, and those who built the Cloud apps of today and design the services of tomorrow fueled by AI.

With over 2,000 attendees on site, thousands of participants online, and a jam-packed schedule of over 80 tech sessions animated by recognized external speakers and OVHcloud experts, guests will be able to seize the benefits of a highly qualified network, gain direct access to OVHcloud leads and share their knowledge and perspective.



Sessions will cover a compelling range of topics from deployment automation using Discord, to the role of AI in understanding sign language, ZFS, web rendering engine and the place of humans in technology, no name a few.
The highlight of the day will be the opening keynote held by Octave Klaba, founder and chairman of OVHcloud alongside Cloud leaders, including Thierry Souche, Chief Technical Officer OVHcloud, Yaniv Fdida, Chief Product Officer OVHcloud, and select experts from OVHcloud technical teams. On stage, Octave will share his broad vision outlining OVHcloud main development axis and the company’s most disruptive application fields in healthcare, space tech, and more. Together with OVHcloud product and technology experts, Octave will spotlight the benefits of the Group's portfolio such as security, compute, network, storage, big data and AI.

Follow the livestreamed keynote here!

 Full control and security ensuring smooth deployment

  • To ensure full control and encryption, IAM and KMS are joining OVHcloud portfolio. With IAM, the group will offer a centralized access management. It already benefits from SSO federation and will gain Policy Management via API by the end of February and through the manager in May. IAM for Public Cloud is expected end of May and for VMware on OVHcloud, end of August. KMS will automate secret management with a Beta version available by the end of the summer. Both solutions will be open sourced and offered as a service, in line with the ambition to offer a trusted and reversible Cloud.

Levelling up compute capabilities

  • Following closely the recently launched Metal Instances, the new compute instances will be added to the portfolio by the end of this summer. They will benefit from a revamped physical network in the datacenter with 5x times the capacity. With on-the-fly availability, Metal Instances take advantage of OVHcloud well known expertise in infrastructure in environmentally friendly datacenters.  

Challenge the opportunities offered by Storage & Big Data

  • With an ever-increasing need in storage, Block Storage users will soon benefit from a NVMe-oF based solution offering astounding speed. In that disaggregated storage scheme, compute is physically distant from storage. A Beta version is expected this fall.
  • Database consumption will get easier with the ability to select disk sizes dynamically. SQL databases will also integrate with S3 object storage.

Embrace the full potential of AI

  • Artificial intelligence takes advantage of hardware generational leaps that our infrastructure will soon offer. It also depends on training, a crucial step where the group already offers AI Training that hides the infrastructure complexity. Recently launched as a Beta, AI Deploy aims at helping with inference to jump right into production once AI models are ready to go. Final version of AI Deploy is expected on April 3rd with the availability of NLP pretrained Beta models from Gladia and Voxist.
  • Thanks to the ForePaaS acquisition, our portfolio of data services will evolve benefiting from new features, a new infrastructure yet keeping a “no code” approach. While elementary bricks will be made available as a service for data collection (ELT) with an Alpha version in August, the group will offer a lake house to ultimately empower customers with data visualisation and facilitate data scientists experience thanks to a complete orchestration toolbox. The lake house with SQL support is scheduled for the winter 2023. This solution will get open sourced to ensure full reversibility, no vendor lock-in and customization.

Solve Lift & Shift challenges, in sovereign environments

  • This year, VMware will benefit from app management on Tanzu services. NSX-T will be rolled out in April for improved security, reinforcing the Group’s commitment to a trusted Cloud.
  • Speaking of trusted environments, SAP customers are already able to choose SAP HANA qualified Bare Metal servers, they will also be able to select SecNumCloud environment to run SAP solutions on Hosted Private Cloud. With increased RAM in new configurations, OVHcloud will handle hypervisor and infrastructure management through vSAN HANA certified packs to help clients focus on their core business.

Provide a 360 approach to web agencies

  • Web hosting will benefit in early May from a new comprehensive line-up of commercial offers allowing for quick project bootstrapping. Next generation servers will also deliver better performance and faster loading times to clients. With more features at the same price point, the Group keeps on offering the best price/performance ratio.
  • OVHcloud will launch an alternative email solution based on Zimbra, able to support ActiveSync and standard collaborative tools and target the highest security frameworks.

Turbo charging Infrastructure & Network

  • The new generation of Bare Metal will leverage AMD Genoa and Intel Sapphire Rapids chips in configurations to offer up to 256 x86 cores per U and up to 8 TB of RAM on 2 sockets server, with full NVMe as well as up to 2,2 PB of storage capacity per server. Next Gen Scale and High-Grade products will launch starting this summer.
  • New GPU will provide faster performance for everything AI and, to accommodate the most intensive workloads, a Grid Computing platform will be offered to allow developers to leverage up to 16 KW racks. A beta program is expected to launch in October 2023.
  • Network remains key for compute and OVHcloud plans to roll-out 25, 50, 100 and soon 400G network fabrics. Coupled with 4 interfaces per server and OLA technology, bandwidth will reach new heights in the datacenter for maximum flexibility. Traffic is included in the datacenter and between datacenters for price predictability.

Empower next generation use cases with Quantum

  • OVHcloud completes its notebook portfolio in the field of quantum technologies with immediate availability of ATOS myQLM. Adding to the existing Quandela Perceval notebook, ATOS myQLM is a quantum dedicated notebook allowing development and learning.

Throughout this Very Tech Trip premiere, OVHcloud sets the stage for thousands of tech lovers, uniting them in a common vision of the cloud whose core value of freedom remains stronger than ever. Developers, SysAdmins, SREs, Data Scientists, scrum masters and architects are strongly invited to test drive the latest solutions on OVHcloud Labs and share their feedback on Discord or GitHub, which also hosts OVHcloud public roadmaps.

About OVHcloud

OVHcloud is a global player and the leading European cloud provider operating over 450,000 servers within 33 data centers across 4 continents to reach 1,6 million customers in over 140 countries. Spearheading a trusted cloud and pioneering a sustainable cloud with the best price-performance ratio, the Group has been leveraging for over 20 years an integrated model that guarantees total control of its value chain: from the design of its servers to the construction and management of its data centers, including the orchestration of its fiber-optic network. This unique approach enables OVHcloud to independently cover all the uses of its customers so they can seize the benefits of an environmentally conscious model with a frugal use of resources and a carbon footprint reaching the best ratios in the industry. OVHcloud now offers customers the latest-generation solutions combining performance, predictable pricing, and complete data sovereignty to support their unfettered growth.


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