OVHcloud featured in “Greener Data” book to share insights for a sustainable future


OVHcloud has lined up with industry leaders making a difference to achieve a sustainable future, in a new book published on Earth Day 2022. Co-authored with Canadian analyst firm InsightaaS, OVHcloud’s chapter provides a unique perspective on its global sustainability strategy, and its efforts to enhance and extend the green data centre ecosystem. Greener Data: Actionable Insights from Industry Leaders includes concrete illustrations from 24 industry thought leaders from around the globe, who speak to innovation at every layer of critical data network infrastructure as they seek to answer one complex question: how can we make our data more green?

At the forefront of sustainability by design, OVHcloud has been pursuing for over 20 years a logic of frugality to reduce their environmental impact at every stage -optimizing datacentre construction, reusing industrial buildings, removing air conditioning, recycling components, extending hardware lifespan, and bringing together an ecosystem of partners and customers sharing the same values and practices. Ahead of the curve in the datacenter industry, OVHcloud has made ambitious commitments and is well on track to use 100% of renewable energies by 2025 and reach net carbon zero emissions by 2030.

Consisting of 20 chapters coming from Europe, North America and Asia, Greener Data offers multiple perspectives on reducing carbon emissions; enhancing biodiversity; harnessing the power in people and resource management; leveraging hardware and software innovation; investing in sustainable projects, facilities, and partners; and providing definitions and tools for standardized impact measurement and transparency. The book provides diverse blueprints that providers can use to turn resource consumption and associated environmental impact into opportunity for better sustainability performance, and even new sources of revenue.

Published by JSA and Soul Excellence Publishing, the book is available for download now.
All proceeds from sale of the book will be donated to the Ukraine Relief via Direct Relief.

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